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-EV Charger Installations-
Code-Compliant Installs to Power Your Drive

Charging Your New EV Doesn't Need To Take Days

Level 2 Charging Is An Affordable Install Option For EV Owners

Love it or hate it, the move towards electric vehicles is happening. Don't be left behind – stay ahead of the technological curve by adding a 240V Receptacle or Hardwired Charger in your garage or parking area, ready for your current or future EV.

The Southern Indiana area is slowly but surely becoming more electrified with EV's, and we're here to help. Keep in mind, a high-amperage receptacle in a garage requires thoughtful installation and code-compliant decision making. Don't worry – we have the expertise to safely install the receptacle, mount your chosen specialty charger, and ensure seamless operation for years to come.

Written by Zach Q1 2024

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