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-Service Calls -
Finding Solutions For The Unexpected

We don't like surprises, but we are good at handling them. Let's work through it, together.

"My fridge circuit stopped working."

"I plugged in a space heater and can't get the receptacle to work again."

"Something keeps tripping my outdoor GFCI."

"I've had to reset that breaker all week!"

What to Expect During a Service Call

The primary goal of a service call is to identify the root cause of the problem, educate our clients to avoid future occurrences, and resolve the issue to restore normal functioning. Our team will ask you a series of questions to accurately diagnose the problem and keep you informed about our progress throughout the process. Some issues can be resolved quickly, while others may require a more in-depth investigation. Regardless of the complexity, our methodical approach and perseverance will enable us to identify the issue as quickly as possible. We are dedicated to assisting you with your electrical system concerns and ensuring the safety of your home.

All Service Calls include a full photo report of the identified problem and the solutions implemented, as well as a Panel Safety Check.

Written by Zach, Q1 2024

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