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Service Calls -

Finding Solutions for the Unexpected

We don't like surprises, but we are good at handling them. Let's work through it, together.

"My fridge circuit stopped working."

"I plugged in a space heater and can't get the receptacle to work again."

"Something keeps tripping my outdoor GFCI."

"I've had to reset that breaker all week!"

Service calls are about taking what isn't working and finding why it failed, educating our clients to keep it from happening again, and fixing the problem to ensure continued operation. 

You can expect a lot of questions to be asked, and to be informed of our progress with each step we decide to take. Some troubleshooting goes quickly and is straightforward, while other service calls require significant investigation and are challenging. Persistence is key, and moving methodically through the decision making process will ensure we find the problem as quickly as possible.

We look forward to helping you find out what's going on with your electrical system and finding a safe solution to get your house back to it's normal operation. 

Written by Zach, Q1 2023

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