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-Panel Repair and Service Upgrades-
Understanding the Heart of Your Homes Electrical System

We Are Qualified and Experienced to Repair, Swap, or Upgrade Your Electrical Service

Your home's electrical panel is a vital component for ensuring your safety and maintaining a functional home. Outdated or poorly maintained electrical panels, such as those shown in the pictures above, pose a significant safety risk and can also reduce your home's value and efficiency.

Fortunately, panel manufacturers now offer a range of technology options for their residential clients, including power monitoring devices, code-required surge protection devices, and smart capabilities that allow you to monitor your home's electrical system.

While not every home requires high-tech offerings, we provide standard panel swaps, upgrades, and maintenance visits for clients with varying budgets. Panel swaps can be completed in as little as one day, service upgrades are manageable with the right expectations and planning, and scheduling an annual panel maintenance visit is an excellent way to prevent any unexpected outages.

Written by Zach Q1 2024

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