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Panel Repair and Upgrades
Understanding the Heart of Your Homes Electrical System

We have the experience and education to make the right call when it comes to your electrical panel.

Your electrical panel is an important part of keeping your home safe and operational. A poorly maintained or obsolete electrical panel, like the ones in the pictures above, is not only a safety concern, it also detracts from your homes value and it's efficiency. 

Many panel manufacturers have increased technology offerings to their residential clients, offering power monitoring devices, code-required surge protection devices, and smart capabilities that allow you to keep track of your home and it's electrical system.

Not every home requires high technology offerings, and we routinely do standard panel swaps, upgrades, and panel maintenance visits for clients who need to update their system on a budget.

Panel swaps can take as little as one day, service upgrades are possible and manageable with the right expectations and planning, and maintaining your panel every year is a great way to ensure no surprises leave you in the dark.

Written by Zach Q1 2023

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